D's Visor Sunglass Holder

He used it yesterday: Two problems: One: I need to make a flap to close it as he uses those big sunglasses and it stretches the opening so when he puts his glasses in it they come out. hehe DUH on my part for not thinking of that. Two: I had said something about lining it but he said no, well he wants me to line it now because one pair gets pokey so I have it today and will flap velcro and line Then work up a pattern. I'm going to make one for my side and make it out of thread maybe. I'm designing a shirt for my red heart plush yarn in red he bought for me. I can't find a shirt I like (or rather short sleeve sweater whichever you want to call it.) I'm still in the figuring out stage. LOTS O' Froggin' Goin' On! Sean was up at 12:30 AM and I don't think he ever did go back to sleep, I was constantly putting him back in bed. And David is coming down with our cold so he's not feeling good didn't get any sleep. Poor Baby :(

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