Da Goddess: Scene From An Airport

Rarely do I use the Blog This! aspect on IE but I had to drag it out this mornin' Such a touching picture and moving response to it I just had to mention it here. Da Goddess: Scene From An Airport In the picture I see America. I see a young man clinging to his child, knowing he will be missing major moments in his/her life, praying he doesn't miss to many. He is not thinking about who did a better job in the military: George Bush or John Kerry or whose policy would lower the budget, he is thinking of his job. Of battle and worry of sand in meals and everywhere of heat and of hate and of sadness from leaving his family. I see a wife as she stands and looks on bravely; not wanting to shed tears knowing she will soon. She thinks of the days, weeks, monthes to come of worrisome nights of no contact scanning websites and news shows for glimpse or of word. She htinks of tiresome days of trying to explain to a child to small to understand why Daddy has gone again to war. She thinks with bitterness at times but always with love. They are America, those three nameless souls from a snapshot off a blog that I by chance happened across this mornin while caught up in my own self pity at how bad things were for me. They are America making the ultimate sacrfice for their Country. This scene plays on in thousands of towns/cities in airports and bus stations and shipyards all over this wonderful country. These people ripping their lives apart knowing they may not come back- all in service of their country; our country. As we come so close to the anniversary (in lacking another word for it ) of the terror attacks of Sept 11, 2001 this picture could be a standing tribute of American Bravery. When your loved one(s) come home tonight instead of talking about the car needing fixed or how the kids misbehaved or the electric bill was to high; take them in your arms and hug. Hug for all those who cannot hug their families tonight; for those who will never get to hug their families again. And as you are holding your family thank whatever God you believe in that there are people brave enough to risk their lives to protect you and your families.


Jennifa said...

That was very very sad...I can remember what it was like being a military wife, and am glad that it was before the war at least...now I don't know what I would do.


PJ said...

Thank you for that touching picture! ..being a vet myself (Gulf War) and my husband still in I tend to feel many people don't know exactly how hard it is and I think we are guess correctly in this picture-that unspoken strength...even worse we get to watch a SHIP slooowly leave a pier!!!! ...although I will say we have the safety of knowning the ship is our home (better than out in 'the field') and the six month cruises do end... but thank you for posting such a picture on your site! My thoughts and prayers are always with our troops! Always..

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