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You know. I got up this mornin' all down cua it was Monday, David is on his way to work. I'm sitting here with cup of coffee in hand just starting to go check my reg. blog reads as I normally do. First place I go is : RIGHT WING NUT JOBS UNITE! . He points to this: There's just something about "W". So I click and start reading. I urge everyone else to read it as well. It's very interesting and is a very excellent an example as to why I say: " Everytime I hear him give a speech or public appearence I grow more respect for the man who is our president." As mentioned at the end of the article: No, you wouldn't see or hear of Kerry dong that, unless there were cameras around.


Smoke Eater said...

Kari, first thank you for the link, I know now why the MSM feels as threatened by "us bloggers" as they do, we not only report news we hear about from "non-blog" sources, but we also pass along news from other blogs, therefore we get the news to the public by HELPING each other, not by competing. Not to mention, that if we were living (or working) where a hurricane was, we would not go out in the hurricane to video tape a report and risk our necks, we would take cover. Thank you again, and I know Dubya thanks you. Remember to pray for him, he does have a lot on his plate daily.

Kari said...

You're Welcome. I think that's one of the things that I like about the blogging community, it's more about sharing information and not competition.

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