My Day

Ugh... not much just losing my mind, no word on Sis yet but then that thing will take awhile. Ran out of clothes pins hanging out laundry so am having to dry clothes in shifts grrrr... I hate not having a dryer. Sean's having a nap (thats a good thing) I should be but have been alternating surfing with housework. David emailed me a couple times from work -thats great! I was dreading this week without word form him during the day I got so spoiled to him calling every day from work. Gmail rocks lol I like it. Google is just pretty cool all around. I hurt my hand again while hanging out clothes don't know how just that spot I hurt moving. :( Am I rambling again? hehe oops sorry. Maybe I'll make some new right wing buttons.... Or redo my blog's style... AGAIN lol

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