Merck Withdraws Arthritis Drug Vioxx

Yahoo! News - Merck Withdraws Arthritis Drug Vioxx OMG Now's a good time to figure that one out after millions of people have taken it for years. Thankfully I didn't take it for very long but I know people who have.


David said...

I took it for a little while too. (When I had that neck thingy) but stopped because it didnt do anything, but, Willy Carter took it for a long time.

Kari said...

Mom has taken it for years.
I only took it about a week but had to stop cuz it messed my stomach up to much..

Dot said...

>>>>>> this is me running to the Dr. I take it every morning without fail! Thanks for the information, Kari.

Kari said...

OH NO Dot! Yeah I'd say for anyone who took it for awhile or IS taking it a doctor visit would be a good idea. Hope you are ok.

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