OMG It just dawned on me it's Friday! Plus that tomorrow is Sean's 2nd birthday!!!!!! We have to go get something for him TONIGHT! I HATE moving right before something big cuz you always forget. I plugged the phone in and it worked. Just no caller id or anything, don't know if anyone can call me either. But I called Rae yesterday, she's facing possible heart surgery. I so wish I could be there for her, but I told her I would call every chance I get. I didn't sleep well last night. It seemed so freakin hot (strange for me usually I'm the one freezing in 90 degree temps) since we can't use the waterbed here I cant get comfy on that bed. Traffic was loud and the sirens were going alot (how can you say a place is quiet when a fire station is JUST down the road?). Either the cat or the boy were tearing up the house in the middle of the night, could never catch either in the act, I think it was the cat. The boy was up at 5:25am. I'm not sure I like Texas... seems alot different lifewise- David called me every day from work before now he can't. Now when he comes home he is really tired, moreso than before. And he seems so distance from me. I don't think I like this new place at all. Maybe I'm just all stressed out from the move still. On the crochet front: I did finish a scrunchie I had been working on I'll take pics in a bit once it actually gets daylight and Sean stops hangin on me literly.

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