Grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell

Thoughts and prayers are with LilacRose, Robin Jones- Beyond Salvage and everyone else weathering through Ivan. Have you ever noticed how sometimes a cup of coffee tastes better than usual? I mean you take your first sip and it's like THE best thing you have ever tasted? For no reason? It's not special coffee... OH!!!! Speakiong of special coffee... Churchill Coffee (you can get in some stores- you know the grind yourself type display) has a flavor called Sinless Pastry You can find it HERE. It's so totally excellent. I have got to get some more. That's our "weekend" coffee. You should give it a go. There is something about 2 am and this family. If it isn't one it's another. But 2 am seems to be the time someone is up. If its not the boy it's hambut or both. Last night it was the boy. Took almost two hours getting him back to sleep. Don't know why he woke up (after all it was after 9 when he went to sleep) he just did. So once again we're a family lacking sleep. lol I finished hat and scarf from my wonderful Jiffy T&Q I'll try to take pics later. I'm really pleased with how they turned out and love love love that yarn! (Again thanks SP!!!)

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